Staying safe at the Centre

(last updated: 18 August 2021)

To keep everyone safe, we have put new procedures in place to limit the risk but we need you to play your part too.  

We will....

  • Limit the number of people our team interact with
  • Declutter the Centre
  • Reduce the areas of the building available for people
  • Reduce the number of people in the Centre
  • Designate separate staff and members toilets which will be cleaned between use 
  • Keep doors and windows open for good ventilation. Please be aware if it is cold you may want to wear warm clothes 
  • Keep our infection control policy updated with the relevant COVID-19 guidance 
  • Increase our cleaning schedule at the Centre
  • Ensure our team will be wearing the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and have received training in its correct use
  • Ensure our staff, therapists and volunteers are regularly tested using lateral flow workplace testing


You need to commit to.... 

  • Following social distancing of at least TWO metres 
  • Following signage and the one-way system 
  • Regularly washing or sanitising your hands
  • Following all instructions and signage, e.g. handwashing, social distancing 
  • Wearing a face covering (or a visor if necessary)
  • Only attending when you have an appointment and arrive on time 
  • Not attending if you have any symptoms
  • Familiarising yourself with our new appointment procedure which you can find by clicking here. Each service may have additional information as well and this will be shared with you when your appointment is booked


In the unlikely event that someone attending the Centre has Coronavirus, we will share your details to NHS Test and Trace and you will need to consent to this before you attend your appointment.