What we offer at the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre

*Due to Covid-19, we are running a limited online programme at the moment.

We have recently announced our plans to restart some of our face to face services. For more details please visit our blog or the Covid-19 section on our website *


We understand that Multiple Sclerosis will affect many aspects of your life. Our treatments are designed to support your health and wellbeing by helping you manage your symptoms.

We cannot cure MS but we can help you make the most of life. The right support will make all the difference. Everything we do is guided by our members. Everyone's MS is different so it is important to understand you may not have the exact same reaction to therapies as others.

Beyond our timetabled and organised therapies we have a friendly social area. This space will allow you the opportunity to relax and meet others who are also living with the effects of MS.

Prior to closing due to Covid-19, we offered

Our services include

In addition to our Reading services we also offer physiotherapy, footcare and reflexology in Henley every Thursday. 


We strongly believe that support should be given based on need rather than the ability to pay. However, we can only continue our work with the generosity of people who use our Centre and our supporters. We would never turn away anyone with MS who needs our help but we ask for donations to help with the costs of the Centre. For more information please see how we are funded.

Services timetable

You can view and download a full timetable of all our services here

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