Restarting face to face services

We will begin reintroducing some face to face therapies for members unable to benefit or access our online service. This will be strictly by appointment only.   

We have created our ‘roadmap’ and below we outline our plans. You may notice there are no dates attached – we are following the guidelines and will make steps when the time is right.

Dates and further information will be announced on the website, the blog, social media and by post for those without email. We know you want answers but as things are so changeable, we ask for your continued patience whilst we establish the plans. 

There will be changes and it will look and feel different. These changes are designed to keep everyone safe. 

Extensive risk assessments and adjustments have been made to keep anyone at the Centre safe and secure. This will involve dramatically reducing the numbers in the building and the range of services to protect our members, our volunteers and our team. To find out more about the changes we are implementing by clicking here.  

We plan to start small and expand as circumstances allow us. This is all subject to change as the situation evolves, possibly at very short notice.  


Step One 

This will begin with a limited, in-gym service for those who are unable to benefit from online classes or are accessing support elsewhere. The current guidance from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) who govern us is clear: virtual first. If you can benefit from online sessions, this is how it will continue for the foreseeable future to keep you and our team safe.   

There will be strict clinical guidelines in place for those first invited back to the gym and a member of the team will reach out to you if you fit the criteria.  

Don’t currently have a physiotherapist but want to attend online classes? 

Complete this form and we will invite you for an online screening with our physiotherapy team who will advise you on which online class would be best for you attend.

We also have online Yoga classes available. Click here to find out more about Yoga 

Find out about all our 'remote services':

Step Two 

Footcare has restarted at the Centre for those who need the service.  

Ruth is offering appointments at the Centre on a Wednesday. If you would like an appointment please let us know by completing an interest form (please click here) or call us on 0118 901 6000. Ruth will contact you directly to make an appointment. 

There are some restrictions on who can attend in line with guidelines placed upon us. You can find the details here: 

I would like to request a footcare appointment



Step Three 

Social distancing is key and anyone who has seen our chamber will know it is a small confined space. We have a surface pressure oxygen point (ie the one on the outside) and we plan to restart appointments as step three. This will allow everyone to remain socially distanced and will limit the number of surfaces you come into contact with.  

We expect demand to be high so we will be unable to offer appointments to people who do not have MS.  

You can find more information here:

Click here to find out more about attending oxygen treatment

Future steps 

We know there are services missing here that many people enjoy and benefit from. We are planning to start with the services listed and reviewing the situation before taking further steps.