Relaxation: we all yearn for it at some point or another.Relaxation

The question is why and how? Some people find it really easy to relax and some of us, never seem to find the peace, the quiet or the time!

The point is, we are all in need of some relaxation. Our body needs it to function and claims it in sleep. Well the lucky ones do. If not we get fatigued, tired or right out exhausted as well as fidgety, anxious or depressed. Does that ring a bell?

Relaxation is the other side of the coin of exercising. It has equal benefits. It can

  • help us to increase our sense of well-being
  • positively influence our sleep pattern
  • increase productivity and concentration
  • lower anxiety and stress levels and help with depression.

When you combine exercise and relaxation, it is like finding a balance. Together they can help you through the day, every day! So, take the time and BREATHE!

Lean back, close your eyes and slowly breathe in and out, concentrate on your breathing, breathe in through your nose, hold the breath for a second or two than breathe slowly out through your mouth, repeat 3-5 times. Feel the calm.

This only takes a minute or two, but it can help you to get through your day without too many casualties.

You want more, well there is a whole world out there, with the aim to help you relax.

Our Yoga teacher Uddhava runs relaxation and meditation classes. Find out more here.

There are various Apps available, which are usually free to try out. There are so many available in your App Store (or Play Store for Android Users), when you search under the well-being section. These are usually guided relaxations/meditations or background noises which should promote relaxation and sleep

The MS Trust also provides a guided Relaxation with their Therapist Vicky Mattews

MS Trust Guided relaxation

You Tube provides a lot of guided relaxations/meditation videos so explore! Everyone responds to different things so find the one that is right for you.

The NHS also provides some helpful tips

NHS useful tips on relaxation

Even your music provider, like Spotify, Amazon etc often have some relaxation music or podcast recommendations.

Explore and find one which will help you to relax and BREATHE!