ReflexologyReflexology at BMSTC

Dating back thousands of years, reflexology is one of the most popular therapies available. Reflexology aims to treat the 'whole' of the body with the aim of restoring balance. Pressure and massage are applied to specific points called 'reflexes' on the feet and lower legs. Reflexologists believe that the foot is 'mapped' and, by treating or 'working' a specific reflex point on the feet, it can help the corresponding area of the body.

'I enjoy reflexology - it's a lovely treat and makes me feel better'

Glynis 2016

Reflexology can help with:

Benefits of Reflexology include energy, detoxing, wellbeing, circulation and relaxation


Days and Times: Every other Tuesday at Reading, every sixth Thursday at the Henley MS Support Group
Price: £15 direct to Chilli
Therapist: Chilli Brener

How to sign up

Attended the Centre before? Call the Centre on 0118 901 6000 to book.

If you are new to the Centre, please contact Tracy who can arrange an introductory visit.