Most people who come to the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre have physiotherapy. Exercise is widely recommended for people with MS but if you struggle with mobility, balance and fatigue this can be difficult and daunting. Our friendly physiotherapy team specialises in working with people with Multiple Sclerosis, ensuring the sessions are right for you. 

You will start by having an assessment with one of our physiotherapists who will assess and discuss your personal needs with you before making recommendations. Everyone with MS is different and this allows us to tailor a programme for you.

Some people tell us that they 'feel too well' to come to us and they don't need physiotherapy, however the earlier you do things to help manage your MS, the better it will be. Tips from a professional can make a huge difference. By attending an assessment, you are not committing to use the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre, you can take your treatment plan to use at home or a gym of your choice.

All our physiotherapy team are specialists in MS and have a lot of experience in supporting people with MS, so please come and see what they can do for you. 

Physiotherapy can help with:

Benefits of physiotherapy include mobility, fatigue, wellbeing, balance and pain

The earlier you start receiving your treatment the more beneficial it will be, so please book your appointment and start to feel the benefit.


Days and Times: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Therapist: One of our specialist physiotherapy team

How to sign up

If you are new to the Centre, please contact us so we can arrange an introductory visit. 

To start physiotherapy you will need to book your assessment by calling the Centre on 0118 901 6000. There may be a waiting list and one of the team will contact you when a space is available.