One to One physiotherapy

One to one physiotherapyone to one physiotherapy

Sometimes class sessions will not be right for you and one to one sessions will be more beneficial. Whether this is short term whilst working towards a goal or on-going, you will work with a member of the physiotherapy team to ensure you can get the most from these sessions.


'I have been attending the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre for 14 years and I have found it has made a huge, positive difference to my flexibility and my limited mobility. I see Mohamed once a week and it is great to have the personal friendly hands-on guidance and feedback by someone who has got to know me and can tailor everything to what I need. He knows what I can do and what I can’t do and exactly how hard he can push me. It doesn’t mean it isn’t tough but I know I can do it. It is great to be working with someone you know understands MS rather than having read the theory in a book. To anyone unsure whether to come or not: What's to lose? Can only help and the Centre’s great physiotherapy team will make sure it is right for you.'

Gregg, pictured with our physiotherapy manager Mohamed