New Year, New Challenge!

Whether you’re looking to try some new therapies, give up alcohol, start volunteering or even challenge yourself to a Skydive this New Year, we have something for you in 2023:


  • Thinking of trying some new therapies for your MS?

Maybe you’ve never visited the Centre before. Or maybe you would like to try oxygen therapy or some new physio classes.

Just call us on 0118 901 6000 or email us on and we can help get you started!


  • Want to give something back to your community or need to find a new way to fill your time?

Why not volunteer as an oxygen operator? Or maybe volunteer for one of our collections?

See our volunteering pages for more information or contact us at the Centre.


  • Giving up booze for January? Or cutting down on sugar or chocolate?

Why not give yourself extra motivation and get yourself sponsored to raise money for the Centre?  We can help you set up an online giving page. Or alternatively, you could donate the money you would have spent on chocolate or alcohol to us!

Email for more information or if you have any other fundraising ideas, she’d love to hear from you.


  • How about the ultimate challenge of a Skydive?

Experience the thrill of a lifetime by taking part in a tandem Skydive in June 2023. Raise £395 for the Centre and you will jump for free! Find out more on our skydiving page.

We will also be running a challenge in the gym from February open to all – watch this space!