Group Physiotherapy

Group PhysiotherapyGroup physiotherapy

We offer a range of group sessions every week catering for all abilities. These include both in person and online classes.

All our classes are based on capability so don’t worry about finding yourself out of your depth or the classes being too slow. Not only will you get the beneficial exercise, you will help and learn from each other. Our group classes allow you to meet others in the same situation who may be having similar difficulties whilst in a positive and encouraging environment. 

As well as group sessions, we offer classes including yoga, pilates, nordic walking (in the summer) and Tai Chi.

In person class timetable

Online class timetable

'The Berkshire MS Therapy Centre is a lifesaver. I started coming seven years ago and was very limited in my mobility and could do no exercise. When I started the classes I was exhausted just after the warm up. After physiotherapy for four years I really started to feel strong and I now do the classes and feel better afterwards and not tired. We have a great group.'