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Pip's Blog

Welcome to Pip's Blog, where our Centre Manager Pippa brings you up-to-date news from the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre and the MS community.

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Can anyone help to dispose of some pallets?

21 March 2018

We have 4 wooden pallets that were used to deliver equipment to the centre.

Can anyone help to dispose of them for us? If you can help please email Pippa.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Daclizumab withdrawn from NHS after safety concerns

21 March 2018

Source MS Society:

Disease modifying therapy daclizumab (Zinbryta) has been withdrawn from sale worldwide. Its manufacturers took the decision after reports that a number of people taking the treatment developed serious inflammatory brain disorders.

Fully accessible bungalow for sale

21 March 2018

One of our members is moving out of the area, she has her fully accessible bungalow on the market and has asked us to share the details with you.

HSCT works for people with relapsing MS who don't respond to existing DMTs

21 March 2018

Source BBC:

Doctors say a stem cell transplant could be a "game changer" for many patients with multiple sclerosis.

Research request from a psychology student

21 March 2018

A research request: I am a psychology student currently working on behalf of King's with Professor Rona Moss-Morris and neurologist Dr Victoria Williams on a large scale project looking at fatigue in MS.

UPDATE: 10.00am Oxygen Therapy is cancelled today, Monday 19th March

19 March 2018

We are unable to run the 10.00am oxygen therapy session this morning due to transport difficulties with icy conditions.

We want to stay in touch with you!

19 March 2018

Important note: We will be contacting you shortly by email asking if you are still happy to receive our newsletter, blog, fundraising news and general updates. Please look out for the email, if we don't receive your permission we will not be able to include you in our future communications. Of course, you can opt out of our e-shots and mailings at any time by simply letting us know.

UPDATED: Centre Closure Saturday 3rd March 2018

1 March 2018

Due to the adverse weather conditions, the Centre will be closed again on Saturday 3rd March.

Want to try Hydrotherapy?

27 February 2018

Hydrotherapy is physiotherapy in a warm water pool. A physiotherapist works with you as you gently exercise in the pool.