Update from BMSTC - 7 May

7 May 2020

As another week passes, I hope you continue to be as well as possible. 

Thank you to everyone who has donated over the last few weeks. We are incredibly grateful. A number of people have donated anonymously. Of course this is no problem but it does mean we don't receive your details so we are unable to thank you directly.

Our team are enjoying talking to as many of you as possible and hearing how you are coping with 'lockdown'. One of the most common complaints we are hearing at the moment is the struggle to get an online delivery. One of our members has recommended Morrisons shopping help. If you phone up and speak to someone you will usually receive free delivery the next day. The number to call is 0345 611 6111 and it is option 5.

Thank you to everyone who sent in your jokes last week. I thought I would share our favourite....A friend of mine started out to do a sponsored canoe endurance in arctic waters. He was doing very well until his little craft was frozen solid in the water. How can I find my way out of this, he wondered. He had a small heater and tried to melt the ice. Unfortunately he dropped the heater, causing the canoe to catch fire and sink. Fortunately he was rescued but he will always remember the moral for this story.
You can't have your kayak and heat it...…...
If you have a (clean) joke we can share, please let make us smile. 

We are really pleased that our online Yoga classes, our relaxation course and our coffee mornings are going well. We will be embarking on our next stage of online support in the next few weeks....stay tuned!

From me and all the team here, enjoy the Bank Holiday and look after yourself.