Update from the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre - 19 November

19 November 2020

It is has been another exciting week and we have a lot of news to bring you. 

This week for the first time in eight months, we have been able to provide oxygen treatment for people with MS. This means we are now offering a variation on our core services, even if they look quite different from what they were pre-covid! We are really pleased with how the first week has gone and will now be offering weekly appointments. We would like to remind everyone that when you attend, please wait in the car park and we will come to greet you there. You can find out more here: https://www.bmstc.org/restarting-oxygen-treatment

A big thank you to everyone who has helped us get here, it was looking very uncertain several times this year. Don't worry, our remote services are still here and will not be disappearing anytime soon. If you haven't got involved yet, please do. Find out more here: https://www.bmstc.org/our-remote-services

With a second potential vaccine announced, the MS Trust has spoken to Prof Coles about what a vaccine would mean for people with MS. You can find out more here:https://www.bmstc.org/blog/covid-19-vaccines-what-they-mean-people-ms

Next week our fundraising team will be launching our Festive Fun-draising...at least I think that's why Tracy was in her Christmas Jumper this week. But this week you can get your hands on a Christmas face-covering to support the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre. We would like to thank our member Liz for making them and you can find out more here: https://www.bmstc.org/blog/christmasmasks. Alternatively, you get them from Ros' Click and Collect fair: https://www.bmstc.org/blog/click-and-collect-fair-aid-bmstc

We also have:

Have a brilliant week and we will look forward to seeing photos of everyone in their Christmas masks! 

Pip and the team