Update from the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre - 10 December

10 December 2020

We were very excited this week to see the first COVID-19 vaccines rolled out with the promise that some normality may be able to return soon. The MS Trust and the MS Society have both put together new information about MS and the coronavirus vaccine. You can find out more about it here https://www.bmstc.org/ms-covid-vaccine


Well, can you believe it is just two weeks until Christmas? This year seems like it's gone on forever, but Christmas has still crept up on us! Our services will be taking a Christmas break, and you can find for the information here: https://www.bmstc.org/blog/centre-opening-hours-over-festive-period


The fundraising team have got into the festive spirit and we have had 10 winners in our Advent Calendar Draw so far. Prizes have included a bottle of gin, a bottle of whiskey, a box of chocolates, a Fortnum and Mason teapot, a beauty advent calendar and what Christmas tradition would be complete without socks! Visit our Advent Calendar page here: https://www.bmstc.org/adventcalendar


We also have our Christmas Outfit Competition and it is bringing everyone so much joy to see everyone's photos so please get your photos in. Find out more https://www.bmstc.org/blog/have-you-entered-our-christmas-outfit-competition-yet


Our thoughts are turning to 2021. After listening to feedback from those who have been having oxygen treatment, we are adjusting our booking procedure. You can find out more here: https://www.bmstc.org/blog/oxygen-treatment-2021. We are really pleased to hear that 100% of those attending feel confident that the oxygen treatment is Covid secure and that so many people are finding benefit from it. 


Thank you to all our MS members who have completed our oxygen and feedback survey so far. It is really, really helpful and will allow us to improve our services. 


Have a good week and good luck to all our Advent Calendar-ers and Christmas Outfit-ers!  


Pip and the BMSTC team