Update from the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre

24 July 2020

Another week gone, how are you keeping? 

There is no question the last few months have been tough on many fronts: personal, physical, mental, financial. We are emerging into the 'new normal' and this brings its own challenges and anxieties. Our counsellor Leigh has put together a guide to help us navigate during this unsettled time. It is a very good article and we recommend everyone has a read. Click here to read

Over the last few months, our charity has been fighting for its financial survival and continues to do so. Many of our fundraising events have been stopped or postponed. We are very grateful to everyone who has supported us, it has made a big difference but the fight goes on! You may have seen the triple funding opportunity today and I am thrilled to say we will have maximised this. But we still need your support. We have hit our £15,000 target. We have hit our second target of £20,343. Our fundraising target for today is now £25,000. Can you help us reach it? Donate here: https://www.bmstc.org/donation

Our physiotherapists are still working on keeping us as active as possible and have put together some brilliant upper limb strengthening exercises. Read more here: https://www.bmstc.org/blog/keeping-active-upper-limb-strengthening-exercises

Today sees significant change: face coverings are expected to be worn but there are exemptions. Confused by the advice? We have put together our guide to the new rules and explore the why, what and how for face coverings. Click here to find out more

There are many questions surrounding shielding at the moment. Professor Alasdair Coles from the MS Society has put together some answers. There are many things unanswered at the moment - as this is a new disease there is a lot still to learn about. Find out more here: https://www.bmstc.org/blog/ms-and-shielding-your-questions-answered

You may remember that changes were proposed at the AGM. We are in the process of getting them registered and we need to confirm you, our members, are happy with them. Our trustee, Mark, explains everything here: https://www.bmstc.org/blog/confirmation-changes-proposed-agm

Have a good week, 

Pip and the team