Swiss Genomics Firm, Biogen and Microsoft Team Up to Treat Multiple Sclerosis

31 October 2017


BC Platforms and Microsoft will be working with Biogen and the Accelerated Cure Project to study the genetics of multiple sclerosis and accelerate research.

The Swiss firm BC Platforms has built a platform to facilitate access to and analysis of large volumes of genomic and clinical data. Since September, the company has been collaboratingwith Microsoft, which provides the cloud infrastructure to index and access the genomic data securely through its Azure platform.

Biogen and the Accelerated Cure Project have now announced they will be using BC Platform’s and Microsoft’s BC|RQUEST platform in order to study the causes and mechanisms of multiple sclerosis (MS). By accessing the data platform, Biogen and ACP expect to better understand how specific genetic variations impact the development of multiple sclerosis.  Read on. 


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