Study to determine whether the daily consumption of cocoa has the potential to reduce fatigue in people with MS

6 March 2017

Dr Shelly Coe, Lecturer in Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University will be at the Centre on Tuesday 28th March 2017 around 11.00am to talk to anyone who may be interested in this study.  

Dr Shelly, lead researcher says "We will be looking at the impact of cocoa flavonoids on inflammation and the role that plays in fatigue. There is no cure for fatigue in people with MS, although the majority of those with the condition experience this symptom at some point."

Researchers will use flavonoid-rich hot chocolate in the trial. Flavonoids are a group of compounds found in lots of plant-based food, including dark chocolate with cocoa levels of over 70 per cent. They are thought to help reduce inflammation and the damage caused by harmful molecules which may be linked with fatigue. 

Forty people with the relapsing form of MS will be given hot chocolate daily over six weeks – half will get a flavonoid –rich cocoa drink and the others will get a cocoa drink with low levels of flavonoids. 

For more information on the study and to find out who can participate click here.

You can email Dr Shelly Coe directly or feel free to drop into the Centre for a chat with her on the 28th March.

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