Siponimod licensed for secondary progressive MS

24 January 2020

Source MS Society: This week the European Medicines Agency (EMA) granted a license for siponimod (brand name Mayzent) to treat adults with secondary progressive MS with active disease.

That makes siponimod the first and only oral treatment in Europe specifically for patients with secondary progressive MS with active disease.

What was the evidence?

The drug approval is based on the Phase III EXPAND trial, the largest randomised clinical study of people with secondary progressive MS.

This trial showed taking siponimod significantly reduced the risk of disease progression, including physical disability and cognitive effects.

Who can have siponimod (Mayzent)?

Siponimod hasn't been recommended for everyone with secondary progressive MS. It's only been recommended for people who have evidence of inflammatory activity on an MRI scan or who still have relapses.  Read on.


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