Shielding list no longer in use in England

28 September 2021

If you’ve been on the shielding list in England, you’ll get a letter soon from the NHS letting you know that the list won’t be used anymore.

Instead of everyone considered ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ being given the same advice, the UK government now recommends you get personal advice directly from your health care team.

Why is the shielding list ending in England?

The government says there are several reasons to stop using the shielding list:

  • They won’t advise everyone on the list to shield again – partly because shielding affected some people’s physical and mental wellbeing

  • There’s a lot more information now about what makes each person vulnerable to COVID-19
  • Many people have been vaccinated
  • There are now proven treatments for COVID-19

The government says it will still monitor the COVID-19 situation and, based on clinical advice, respond to keep the most vulnerable safe.

No one has been advised to shield since 1 April 2021. And since 19 July, everyone considered clinically extremely vulnerable has been advised to follow the same guidance as everyone else.

Managing your risk

If you or a loved one are considered clinically extremely vulnerable, you might want to read the MS Society information about making decisions around risk


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