A request from Kings College London

23 September 2019

“Hello! I am a PhD Student at King’s College London, and my project is focused on investigating anxiety in Multiple Sclerosis.
At the moment we are asking people with MS to review some new materials that will be included in our new online intervention- this will involve reading through some short scenarios and providing feedback on them.

Would this sound like something you would be interested in taking part in? If so, please find the link below that will take you to the new materials that we would like you to look over and provide some comments on:

Click here.

What we are looking for is for you to provide the first word or brief phrase that comes into your mind that will complete the last sentence. Please keep in mind there are no right or wrong answers, we are purely interested in what people's first responses are. Also, while not all the scenarios will mention MS specifically, it is important that you keep your MS in mind as you read through the materials.

Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this!

Jowinn Chew
PhD Researcher
Health Psychology Section (IoPPN)
King’s College London
5th Floor Bermondsey Wing
Guy’s Hospital, SE1 9RT

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