Oxygen Therapy or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

30 January 2019

We have been made aware that some MS Therapy Centres offering Oxygen Therapy have used the term "Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy" incorrectly,  It can be confusing so we thought we would explain the difference!   

We offer 4 treatment pressures at our Centre, 16.5' (1.5 ATA), 24' (1.75 ATA) and 33' (2 ATA); the fourth option is to breathe oxygen at surface pressure using a breathing position outside of the chamber.  Please note that many studies have dealt with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which refers to treatments offered at higher pressures than those available at MS Therapy Centres' (i.e. pressures greater than 2 ATA).  Centre chambers (barochambers) cannot operate above this pressure due to their status and restrictions. 



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