My Thoughts on Being a Grandparent with a Disability

12 September 2017

Source Multiple Sclerosis News Today:

I had always envisioned that I would be an active and healthy grandparent when the time came — not one with a disability. I was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) in the summer of 2010, which also happened to be the same year my first grandchild was born.

I was ecstatic about being a grandma, yet apprehensive about how active I would be able to be. I also understood it meant that I might not be as helpful with the baby as I wanted to be. I would need to adapt my grandma skills to co-exist with my decreasing mobility and my increasing symptoms.

I am now blessed to have four beautiful grandchildren. They love me, and I, of course, love them. We play, use our imaginations, and I also sneak some learning in. It took time for me to get past my insecurities of feeling that my grandchildren were being shortchanged somehow in the grandma department. I had to work hard be able to move past my misguided feelings of inadequacy. It is not easy to be limited in a physical capacity while feeling as if you are not good enough. Read on. 

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