The MS Trust have launched a new pack to help teachers and pupils raise awareness of MS and dispel some common myths and misunderstandings

15 August 2019

Source MS Trust: MS Trust supporter Jenna Chudasama teaches at a secondary school in Leicester and recently used the pack to deliver an assembly to students about her own MS experience. “I hope that I inspired others to live their life to the full, no matter what challenges they are faced with,” Jenna tells us.

I was grateful to be given the chance to deliver assemblies at Sir Jonathan North College, the school that I teach at, to explain what it is like to live with an invisible condition.

It was a daunting experience at first as I did not know how my students would react. And, to be honest, I remember questioning my decision when, despite showing a small group of students an MRI scan and explaining how lesions work, someone still said that I looked fine and healthy. However, I was eventually able to help my students understand a little more about the condition by simplifying the terminology, using a lot of my personal experience and the experience of people in the public eye, such as the athlete Kadeena Cox. Interestingly, some of my older students came to tell me that they know someone in their family or a family friend that also lives with the condition and I hope that I was able to offer additional support to them.  Read on. 

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