Missed opportunities in latest PIP review

6 April 2017

Source MS Society:

A second independent review into how Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is working was published recently.

Following a first review commissioned by the Government in 2014, this one makes further recommendations to improve how PIP is implemented.

What did the Review find?

The Review focuses on some areas of concern including:

  • being clearer about what ‘further evidence’ is helpful and your role in gathering it
  • improving fairness and consistency of assessments to help people trust the system
  • evaluating and improving PIP in the longer term.

It also makes important comments around:

  • improving communication with people claiming PIP
  • giving evidence from carers enough weight in the assessment
  • giving people the opportunity to say they'd like information the DWP already has about them (eg from their DLA or ESA claim) to be used.

But there are lots of concerns we raised in the evidence we submitted to the Review that it doesn't address.  Read on.

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