Message from our Chairman

27 May 2019
I can understand the frustration of some members as to when we can restart treatments at the Centre. We are currently working on ways to do this safely, adhering to the government guidelines and observing advice from each therapies professional bodies. Our staff are doing a marvellous job in keeping as many of our members as possible supported at home by many different means. Every one of our team is working hard - we must allow them to plan as we continue to progress past this pandemic.
Our management are working on a plan to start some treatments in the near future. This is a very difficult thing to get right and it needs to be done in a way that is safe for all. This pandemic is by no means over and we must ensure that we do not force the threat of it onto our members, family, volunteers and staff.
I must ask for that all of the people who use the therapy centre to remain patient and make the most of the services currently on offer.
I thank you for all of your support in these dire times. Please stay safe and if you need help get in touch. We really do have a wonderful team to help.
Peter Bowsher