Link between smoking and MS clearer than ever

25 September 2018

Source MS Society:  Our new evidence review shows the link between smoking and MS is clearer than ever.

Smoking can make MS worse and speed up how fast people with MS become disabled.

Ahead of October’s annual ‘Stoptober’ campaign, our independent research review shows smoking can:

  • make MS more active
  • worsen and speed up the accumulation of disability
  • speed up the transition from relapsing to secondary progressive MS.

One study found that quitting smoking could delay the onset of secondary progressive MS by as much as eight years. 

Find your route to quit today - This Stoptober, we’re inviting everyone affected by MS who smokes to join thousands of others trying to quit. You won’t be alone. There’s support wherever you live in the UK.  For more information click here. 


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