JJ (living with MS) shares her experience of getting the COVID-19 vaccine

11 March 2021

Source MS Society: I was in two minds about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Like many of us with MS, I had a lot of questions about COVID-19 vaccines. I ended up deciding to get the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine and wanted to share a bit about how it went.

A bit about me and my MS

My government name is Janade, but please, we’re all friends so call me, JJ.

I've spent most of this lockdown trying to rebuild my strength and perfect more plant-based dishes. I’m also a very proud cat and plant mum.

I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS when I was 17. On a good day the fatigue, poor coordination and body aches can really slow down my day. On a bad day my body feels like I've been on a bender all week. Which wouldn't be so bad if that was actually the case.  Read on. 

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