How I learned to love my walking stick

7 June 2017

Source The Guardian

When Penny Anderson began using a stick, it made her feel vulnerable. But it taught her a lot about other people – and customising it made it her own.

If you want to learn about life, get a walking stick. I did, when, after a period of denial, I reluctantly accepted that multiple sclerosis was causing me to become unsteady. I felt as if my legs were being operated by somebody else; somebody who wasn’t paying attention.

My GP booked me an appointment with a physiotherapist, who observed me walking to assess what was required, suggested a simple stick, and guided me on its correct use. So as not to place undue strain on elbows and shoulders, the arm should be straight, the handle reaching the end of the arm. For me, an ergonomic handle (which lessens callouses) was the way to go.  Read on.

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