Government Coronavirus update and what this means at the Centre

6 July 2021

You may have seen from the Prime Ministers update on 5 July 2021 that there will be changes in the Coronavirus rules, namely masks becoming voluntary in public places and the end of social distance. 

Here at the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre, we aim to improve the health and wellbeing of the local MS community. With cases growing as a result of the more transmissible variant (Delta), we have decided not to change any of our guidelines at the moment.  

Read our Centre guidelines here 

We want to ensure that everyone attending the Centre feels confident and safe whilst they are here. Masks help to prevent spread if someone has Covid. 

The indoor communal areas will remain closed for the time being. These areas we are unable to ventilate adequately, and as anyone who has been to the Centre recently will have seen, it is filled with gym equipment to ensure social distancing in the gym. The garden area is available if anyone wishes to enjoy it, but we ask you not to block the exits. 

We review our guidelines regularly. We look forward to the day when we can remove the final restrictions, but the health and safety of all those at the Centre will always remain our top priority. 

We want to thank everyone for their patience, understanding and co-operation. 

Stay safe! 

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