Get your donations doubled

19 November 2021

Our matched funding event has started!

Donations to will be doubled....but only if we hit our target before 15 December. 

In a change to what was previously advertised, we have a fundraising target of £5,000, which will be doubled to £10,000 if we reach our target. This means your donation will go twice as far.

We do have other matched funding available to us that is not dependent on raising a minimum amount and we still hope to reach our initial £20,000 target!

Donations up to £250 will be matched (until we hit out £5,000 target). If you wish to make a larger donation, please get in touch as other matched funding is available to match larger amounts.

If it is your money and you pay enough tax, you can Gift Aid your donation. This will not be matched but it is worth 25% of the original donation. The usual Gift Aid rules apply.

When you donate, there is an optional tip to the company whose platform is being used (and will not come to the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre) and you are welcome to change the amount to what you want.