A further request from a first year PhD student at King's College London

12 September 2018

"Your post helped us get so many helpful responses last time, and I was wondering if you would be able to help us post again for newly developed rating tasks- it is extremely similar to the last rating tasks, this time it is rating scenarios.

In this task, you are going to be presented with fifty short descriptions of different scenarios. This will be split into ten blocks of five, with a rating task after each block.

Using a 4-point scale, we would like you to rate how similar in meaning each sentence is to the description that you read with that title. Rate from 1 ("Very different in meaning") to 4 ("Very similar in meaning"). Rate 2 if the statement is "Somewhat different" and 3 if it is "Somewhat similar".

These ratings will be used to inform materials for our tasks, and all responses are completely anonymous."  See more here!

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