Enhanced flu jab to save 'hundreds of lives'

12 September 2018

Source BBC:  The over-65s vaccine will protect against three strains of flu, but people under 65, in the so-called at-risk groups, will be offered a vaccine that protects against four types of flu.  At-risk groups include pregnant women and those with long-term health conditions.

The enhanced vaccine that will be given this year contains extra ingredients designed to help aged immune systems develop a stronger defence against flu.

It is hoped the "adjuvanted vaccine" will help ease pressures on the health service.

Public Health England estimates the vaccine will lead to:

  • 30,000 fewer GP appointments
  • 2,000 fewer people needing hospital care
  • 700 fewer deaths from flu

Prof Paul Cosford, from Public Health England, told the BBC: "This looks like it is going to be is a significant improvement and quite a step in our battle against flu each winter." Read on.


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