Diabetes drug offers hope of new treatment for multiple sclerosis.

7 October 2019

Source The Guardian: Trial using rats showed the drug metformin repaired nerve damage caused by the disease.

Scientists have raised hopes of a new treatment for multiple sclerosis after animal studies showed a common diabetes drug can repair nerve damage caused by the disease.

The effect of the drug was so striking that doctors in Cambridge are now planning a clinical trial of MS patients next year.

If the treatment works as expected, it could potentially halt the progression of the disease and even allow patients to recover from some of the disabilities that typically develop as the condition worsens.

How to stop MS in its tracks – Science Weekly podcast

“It’s always a leap in the dark when you go from lab experiments to humans, but the data is as strong and as compelling as it is ever likely to get,” said Robin Franklin, a professor of stem cell medicine at Cambridge University. “I am very optimistic that this is going to work.”  Read on.

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