Covid and MS - update February 2022

16 February 2022

Adults with MS can now discuss early Covid-19 treatment after either a positive lateral flow or a PCR test. You’ll need to register a positive lateral flow test online or by calling 119. Paxlovid and Remdesivir were also added to the list of treatment options for people with MS. 

We searched the web to get an understanding of what this new update means and found a clear (and accurate) explanation from the HuffingtonPost:

'Antiviral treatments are for people who are have not been admitted to the hospital. They’re designed to limit the risk of becoming seriously ill and allow people to deal with their Covid-19 symptoms....Antiviral treatments work by stopping the virus from reproducing in your body once you’ve been infected. Vaccines boost immunity to the virus, but are not 100% fail-safe. These treatments limit how the virus can spread in your body after infection. If taken early, they can stop serious disease from developing. They limit your chance of being taken to the hospital or getting seriously ill.'

Read the full article here


The MS Society along with 17 other charities, have set out the ‘5 key tests’ that the Government’s plan must pass to make sure people at highest risk from COVID-19 are well supported to live with Covid-19 now and into the future. We will share more as the story evolves over the next few weeks but you can find more information here:




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