Covid and face to face services at the Centre

7 January 2022

The Berkshire MS Therapy Centre has reopened for 2022 and we are thrilled that we have been able to welcome people back for your appointments. The Omicron variant is still causing concerns, but we are confident in our procedures, and as always, we are continually reviewing the situation. 


We are confident in the procedures we have in place and we are looking at other temporary changes to limit any potential spread.


We hope we do not need to make changes in the coming weeks, but they are likely to be made quickly if we do. As well as everyones health and safety, we are concerned about potential impact on our staffing and volunteer levels. Whilst we will do our utmost to make alternative arrangements, we may need to cancel some appointments last minute and appreciate your understanding.


We want to keep as many of our services running as possible. There are several ways you can help us do this:

  • Don’t attend the Centre if you feel unwell.
  • Take Lateral Flow Tests before coming to the Centre (we appreciate they may be difficult to get hold of at the moment but we ask you to keep trying to get them, they will make a difference).
  • Wear your masks before entering the building. It is especially important to wear your mask in the oxygen chamber as ventilation is limited.
  • Continue to observe guidance such as washing your hands regularly.
  • If you test positive and you have been in the Centre, please let us know.


The government has announced that people with MS are eligible to receive one of two new treatments if they become infected with Covid-19. These treatments can be taken early, with the aim of preventing you from getting so ill that you need to go into hospital. Read more on the MS Trust website here:

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