Blog: Research

Final results from the MS Risk Sharing Scheme (RSS) published

25 September 2018

Source MS Trust: The MS Trust has praised the pioneering work of the MS Risk Sharing Scheme (RSS) as the final results from the scheme are published in the BMJ today (September 24).

Study shows that drug slows brain shrinkage in multiple sclerosis

12 September 2018

Source UAB News: Results from a clinical trial of more than 250 participants with progressive multiple sclerosis revealed that ibudilast was better than a placebo in slowing down brain shrinkage.

The study also showed that the main side effects of ibudilast were gastrointestinal and headaches. The study was supported by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, part of the National Institutes of Health, and was published in the New England Journal of Medicine....

A further request from a first year PhD student at King's College London

12 September 2018

Your post helped us get so many helpful responses last time, and I was wondering if you would be able to help us post again for newly developed rating tasks- it is extremely similar to the last rating tasks, this time it is rating scenarios.

Novel sub type of Multiple Sclerosis

23 August 2018

Source Science Daily: Cleveland Clinic researchers have discovered a new subtype of multiple sclerosis (MS), providing a better understanding of the individualized nature of the disease.

Other brain diseases reveal clues to primary progressive MS

23 August 2018

Source MS Research Australia: Brain disease genes linked to primary progressive MS risk.

Doctors think they have discovered the cause of multiple sclerosis

24 July 2018

Source Mail Online: Could vaccine for a common virus stop multiple sclerosis? Doctors think they have discovered the cause of disease.

Do you or your partner have MS? Would you like to help design an app to help people with MS manage fatigue?

18 July 2018

The University of Sheffield has asked for volunteers to help with their research study. They asked a group of people with Multiple Sclerosis, and a group of healthcare professionals, about what they thought the contents and appearance of a fatigue management app should be. They would like to know how far you agree or disagree with the things they said.

Attention, concentration and fatigue in long-term conditions study

16 July 2018

Attention, concentration and fatigue in long-term conditions study: Participants who attend the testing session in London will be paid £20.00

Volunteers needed for Valuing Goals study

4 June 2018

Most of us have ‘goals’ - things that we want to achieve, and we think can be achieved with a bit of effort. However, sometimes we don’t make as much progress on our goals as we would like to. Sometimes things get in the way and other times we are not sure what we need to do to make progress. In addition, sometimes we lack motivation because the goals are not clearly linked to what we really value and enjoy.

“Valuing Goals” is an online training programme that helps people to...

Molecule Whose Fragments Appear to Block Myelin Repair Identified in Study

14 May 2018

Source Multiple News Today: A molecule responsible for preventing the repair of white matter in the brain, a process critical to treating multiple sclerosis (MS) and cerebral palsy, has been identified.

The research, “A TLR/AKT/FoxO3 immune-tolerance like pathway disrupts the repair capacity of oligodendrocyte progenitors,” was published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

White matter in the brain’s white matter is composed of nerve fibres. Its colour comes from myelin...