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The MS Society is hosting a talk on stem cell treatments for people MS in Cheltenham on the 28th of September.

23 July 2019

Source MS Society: Join us for an afternoon with Dr Claire Rice, Neurologist and MS Researcher in Bristol. Claire will give an overview about stem cell treatment for MS including its current role in disease management and research priorities.

Phase 1 Trial of T20K, Plant Protein-derived Therapy for MS, Doses 1st Group of Healthy Men

23 July 2019

Source Multiple Sclerosis News Today: A first group of healthy volunteers in a Phase 1 trial assessing the safety and tolerability of T20K, Cyxone‘s plant protein-derived candidate for the treatment of multiple sclerosis(MS), has been dosed in a study taking place in The Netherlands, the company announced.

Phase 3 Trial of Ibudilast Planned for SPMS Patients with Inactive Disease, MediciNova Says

23 July 2019

Source Medical News Toady: A Phase 3 trial is planned to confirm the safety and efficacy of oral ibudilast (MN-166) in treating people with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS) without relapses or those whose disease is not active, MediciNova announced.

Scientists have discovered that a specific brain cell known as a 'projection neuron' has a central role to play in the brain changes seen in multiple sclerosis (MS).

23 July 2019

Source Science Daily: The research shows that projection neurons are damaged by the body's own immune cells and that this damage could underpin the brain shrinkage and cognitive changes associated with MS. These new findings provide a platform for specific new MS therapies that target damaged brain cells to be developed.

Scientists Identify Differences Between Relapsing/Remitting and Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

23 July 2019

Source BioSpace: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an often-disabling disease of the central nervous system caused by damage to the myelin coating around the nerves.

3-D Brain Models of PPMS and Parkinson’s Off to Space Station for Research in Microgravity

23 July 2019

Source Multiple Sclerosis News Today: The National Stem Cell Foundation (NSCF) announced the start of a pioneering project to investigate the impact of microgravity on the neurodegeneration associated with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) and Parkinson’s disease.

Changes in Lipid Profile Affect Fatigue in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

15 July 2019

Source Neurology Advisor: For patients with progressive multiple sclerosis, a diet-induced lipid profile change improved fatigue, according to a study published in PLoS One.

My Robot story by Steve Barnes.

15 July 2019

Since 8th June 2019, Steve Barnes, who regularly attends the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre, has been travelling to Canterbury each week to be involved in the medical trial using a robotic suit to exercise:

Inside Science - BBC Radio 4

15 July 2019

One of our members thought that others would find this Inside Science broadcast on Radio 4 interesting.

Remyelination in MS – what progress has been made?

12 July 2019

Source MS Trust: A recent review has outlined the progress made so far in understanding the biology of remyelination, what goes wrong in MS, some of the research problems that need to be tackled and the prospect for treatments in the not-too-distant future.