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Attention, concentration and fatigue in long-term conditions study

16 July 2018

Attention, concentration and fatigue in long-term conditions study: Participants who attend the testing session in London will be paid £20.00

Volunteers needed for Valuing Goals study

4 June 2018

Most of us have ‘goals’ - things that we want to achieve, and we think can be achieved with a bit of effort. However, sometimes we don’t make as much progress on our goals as we would like to. Sometimes things get in the way and other times we are not sure what we need to do to make progress. In addition, sometimes we lack motivation because the goals are not clearly linked to what we really value and enjoy.

“Valuing Goals” is an online training programme that helps people to...

Molecule Whose Fragments Appear to Block Myelin Repair Identified in Study

14 May 2018

Source Multiple News Today: A molecule responsible for preventing the repair of white matter in the brain, a process critical to treating multiple sclerosis (MS) and cerebral palsy, has been identified.

The research, “A TLR/AKT/FoxO3 immune-tolerance like pathway disrupts the repair capacity of oligodendrocyte progenitors,” was published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

White matter in the brain’s white matter is composed of nerve fibres. Its colour comes from myelin...

What causes MS?

20 April 2018

Source MS Trust: The causes of MS are not well understood and there are a number of factors to be considered. You may wonder whether you did something to cause your MS or if you could have stopped MS from happening to you. The answer is 'no'. No one could have advised you how to prevent your MS.

New research shows excess myelin goes to the wrong part of nerve

20 April 2018

Source MS Society: Researchers at the MS Society Edinburgh Centre for MS Research have found that extra myelin can be sent to the wrong part of the nerve – an important insight for MS treatments.

Fingolimod may help prevent brain volume loss in Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis

20 April 2018

Source Neurology Advisor: In patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS), fingolimod may protect against deep gray matter (dGM) and thalamus volume loss and may also lead to slower disability progression compared with placebo, according to an analysis published in Neurology.

Volunteers needed for Royal Holloway University employment research study

18 April 2018

Source Royal Holloway University: We are looking for volunteers with Relapsing Remitting MS to take part in a new study investigating the relationship between specific mental skills and employment in Multiple Sclerosis

Caroline Wyatt - My quest to stop MS in its tracks

23 March 2018

Source BBC: A year on from gruelling stem cell treatment for her multiple sclerosis, BBC correspondent Caroline Wyatt reveals what effect the potentially life-changing "reboot" of her immune system has had on her life.

MS drug hope

23 March 2018

Source BBC: MS drug hope for secondary-progressive stage. A study of a new drug to treat advanced cases of multiple sclerosis suggests it may be possible to delay progression of the disease in the short term, although the effects were small.

Research request from a psychology student

21 March 2018

A research request: I am a psychology student currently working on behalf of King's with Professor Rona Moss-Morris and neurologist Dr Victoria Williams on a large scale project looking at fatigue in MS.