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MS Carers' Lunchclub

7 January 2020

Do you care for someone with MS? Want a break and meet people who understand?

How the sunflower lanyard helped me travel with invisible symptoms

3 October 2019

Source MS Society: I find travelling stressful. Having to deal with invisible symptoms from MS has made it harder. I worry about being judged by other people if I need assistance when I may look fine.

Priority Services Register for vulnerable energy customers

3 October 2019

uSwitch - The Priority Services Register was recently broadened by Ofgem to help as many vulnerable energy customers as possible. Find out if it could help you with this guide from uSwitch.

What is the Priority Services Register?

The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free and voluntary system that your supplier uses to ensure the correct support is given to its most vulnerable customers.

It is a system designed and overseen by Ofgem to better ensure that...

Respite care information from Independent Living

3 October 2019

Source Independent Living: If you are taking care of another person, both of you need a break from time to time, for the sake of your physical and mental wellbeing.

Dive Ability

3 October 2019

Dive Ability: Welcome to Dive AbilityScuba diving for people with disabilities and disadvantages.

The MS Trust have launched a new pack to help teachers and pupils raise awareness of MS and dispel some common myths and misunderstandings

15 August 2019

Source MS Trust: MS Trust supporter Jenna Chudasama teaches at a secondary school in Leicester and recently used the pack to deliver an assembly to students about her own MS experience. “I hope that I inspired others to live their life to the full, no matter what challenges they are faced with,” Jenna tells us.

Calling all Readibus users!

6 August 2019

Calling all Readibus users! RBC is planning for future transport in Reading, to develop a strategy for the town's transport network to 2036 and beyond. You are invited to participate via the consultation link.

New Pilates class for people with MS in Wokingham

30 July 2019

Pilates Plans: Alison Newton, MS MS Specialist Occupational Therapist, is hoping to start up a Pilates class for people in the Wokingham area with early stages of MS. (likely to be either Westmead Day Centre in Wokingham or Shinfield community centre.)

Making the most of appointments

23 July 2019

Source MS Trust: Appointments with your MS team are key to managing your MS well. They are opportunities to ask questions and discuss treatment options. The time available is limited, so we have some suggestions on how you can make the most of your appointments.

Walking for Health - Walking with health conditions

23 July 2019

Source Walking for Health: If you have problems with your health, or if you've had them in the past, it can be hard to stay active. But walking could make all the difference.