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BMSTC AGM and Celebration Party!

17 May 2019

We will be celebrating 20 years of Bradbury House and 35 years as a charity at this year's AGM on Thursday 6th June from midday to 2.30pm. We are thrilled to announce our special guests will be Sir John Madejski and Debbie McGee.

Access improvements at 73 railway stations

10 April 2019

Source BBC: Lifts and adjustable ticket counters will be among the new measures brought in over the next five years.

The changes, part of an "inclusive transport strategy", will help disabled passengers as well as those travelling with children or luggage. Liverpool Central and Luton in England, Barry Town in Wales, and Dumfries in Scotland are among the stations chosen.

The Department for Transport says the sites were selected based on criteria which included their usage,...

Motability offers manual wheelchair lease to customers

10 April 2019

Source Independent Living: An interesting new supplementary service has just been launched by Motability.

The MS kids are alright

25 March 2019

Source MS Trust: How your children will cope with your MS, is an ongoing concern for the majority of parents following diagnosis. Here Martin Baum, who was diagnosed with MS over 20 years ago and his son Josh, discuss how they coped and the impact it has had on them over the years.

How do families affected by MS manage health information

25 March 2019

Source MS Trust: Couples and families develop their own unique ways of dealing with an MS diagnosis. A recent UK study looked at how different family units affected by MS, cope with receiving MS health information.

In this study, UK researchers wanted to understand how couples and families affected by MS cope with health information.

The researchers analysed interviews with 77 people affected by MS – 12 people with MS, 49 partners or spouses, 7 parents, 5 children, 2 siblings...

Daily living made easy

25 March 2019

Source Optalis: Daily living made easy event. An opportunity to see simple tools and devices designed to help people who have difficulties with vision, mobility, hearing or general daily living to stay as well and independent as possible.

Home care and/or supported living - what is important to you?

23 January 2019

Reading Borough Council Adult Care Forums: We would like to meet with service users in receipt of home care and/or supported living services to hear their views on what is important to them when receiving these services and how they would like these services to be commissioned in the future.

You can now apply or renew your Blue Badge online

16 January 2019

Source Disability Rights UK: You can now apply for a Blue Badge, or renew your old one, within half an hour thanks to a new online service launched by the Department for Transport.

Happy New Year!

9 January 2019

2019 is a very special year for us here at the Centre as we celebrate 35 years of the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre, and 20 years since the move from the portacabin in Caversham to our purpose built therapy centre at Bradbury House.

Santa's and BMSTC's little helpers will be keeping busy this month!

7 December 2018

You will see many of our festive little (and not so little!) helpers out and about in the community this month, could you be one of them and get on the nice list!