Blog: Jan 2020

Brand New Strengthening Class

31 January 2020

This spring we are launching our first ever Strengthening Class, made possible thanks to the support of the People’s Postcode Trust.

Online Fatigue- management course

27 January 2020

Source MS Society: This online course will help you find ways to manage your MS fatigue and explain it to other people.

New guidance on MS Society grants

27 January 2020

Source MS Society: Our Health and Wellbeing grants are there to help you pay for items that will have a significant positive impact on your life.

NHS 'rapid response teams' to help sick and older people at home.

27 January 2020

Source The Guardian: Plan aims to relieve strain on hospitals by offering a visit within two hours.

Plegridy approved for relapsing remitting MS in England

24 January 2020

Source MS Trust: NICE has published its final decision recommending that Plegridy can be prescribed by the NHS for relapsing-remitting MS.

Siponimod licensed for secondary progressive MS

24 January 2020

Source MS Society: This week the European Medicines Agency (EMA) granted a license for siponimod (brand name Mayzent) to treat adults with secondary progressive MS with active disease.

Efficacy of three neuroprotective drugs in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS-SMART)

24 January 2020

Source The Lancet: Neurodegeneration is the pathological substrate that causes major disability in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. A synthesis of preclinical and clinical research identified three neuroprotective drugs acting on different axonal pathobiologies. We aimed to test the efficacy of these drugs in an efficient manner with respect to time, cost, and patient resource.

It's time to look at mountain escapes with a fresh perspective.

24 January 2020

Source Winter Sports Travel: Making Travel Accessible. Winter sports are becoming more accessible than ever before. But finding the right place or activity when you're living with a challenging condition can be tough.

Try this tool to find sports and resorts in Europe that are tailored to your needs. Click here.

The MS Society went to 10 Downing Street with their ambassador Janis Winehouse

24 January 2020

Source MS Society: The MS Society went to 10 Downing Street yesterday with their ambassador Janis Winehouse and campaigner Ashley Arundale to deliver a message to the PM: Unfair PIP assessments must change.

"More than 21,000 of us have signed an open letter demanding the UK Government makes changes to Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The open letter came after our research showed major flaws with the system.

It highlights some of our concerns with PIP, including...

New Pilates sessions

21 January 2020

We have a new Pilates class starting on 10 February for 10 weeks.

A 10 week Pilates class will be starting with our physiotherapist Ligia and will take place on a Monday between 2.30pm and 3.30pm. Starting on Monday 10 February it will run until 13 April. This is additional to our very popular class that takes place on a Thursday. Pilates is very good for improving strength, flexibility, balance and posture. To attend the class you will need to be able to get on/off the floor with...