Blog: Mar 2019

New! 10 week Pilates Course starting 7th May

25 March 2019

We are starting a new 10-week Pilates course in the gym. Tuesdays 1.00pm - 2.00pm. The course will run from the 7th of May - 9th of July.

Watch a short film about one of our members, Louise Carr

25 March 2019

One of our members, Louise Carr, had a short film made about her, she was happy to share this with you.

The relief of diagnosis

25 March 2019

Source Multiple Sclerosis Net: Being diagnosed with an incurable, chronic illness such as Multiple Sclerosis is never a pleasant experience. However, for many people, getting that final confirmation creates an extreme sense of relief.

The MS kids are alright

25 March 2019

Source MS Trust: How your children will cope with your MS, is an ongoing concern for the majority of parents following diagnosis. Here Martin Baum, who was diagnosed with MS over 20 years ago and his son Josh, discuss how they coped and the impact it has had on them over the years.

How do families affected by MS manage health information

25 March 2019

Source MS Trust: Couples and families develop their own unique ways of dealing with an MS diagnosis. A recent UK study looked at how different family units affected by MS, cope with receiving MS health information.

In this study, UK researchers wanted to understand how couples and families affected by MS cope with health information.

The researchers analysed interviews with 77 people affected by MS – 12 people with MS, 49 partners or spouses, 7 parents, 5 children, 2 siblings...

Daily living made easy

25 March 2019

Source Optalis: Daily living made easy event. An opportunity to see simple tools and devices designed to help people who have difficulties with vision, mobility, hearing or general daily living to stay as well and independent as possible.

Farewell to Tricia

25 March 2019

Today we say Goodbye, Good Luck and a huge Thank You to Tricia our massage therapist.

Over the last two years, she has provided nearly 350 treatments saving the MS community over £10,000! If that wasn't enough she will be skydiving for us on Saturday. Check out her page here .

We look forward to welcoming Janine our new massage therapist soon, find out all about...

Fancy clay pigeon shooting?

25 March 2019

Our fundraising team are very busy at the moment with various events. A new event on our calendar is a Clay Pigeon Shoot on the 11th of May.

Join us for ‘Have a Go’ at Shooting

No experience necessary – you will get 25 birds with tuition and all equipment, (including the gun, clays and cartridges) will be included. Please allow for 30 minutes for groups up to three people or 60 minutes for groups up to six people. Trophies will be presented for the best shots.


Farewell to Carolyn Fox, Volunteer Oxygen Operator

13 March 2019

We would like to say a huge thank you to Carolyn Fox who is stepping down as one of our Friday morning oxygen therapy Volunteer Operators.

Research shows hot chocolate could help reduce fatigue

6 March 2019

Source MS Society: We know around 90% of people with MS experience fatigue, which can severely impact their quality of life.