Blog: Sep 2018

MS Carers Lunch Club

25 September 2018

The MS Carers Lunch Club will be meeting on Thursday 11th October from 12.30 - 2.30pm.

Extended GP access during evenings and weekends

25 September 2018

Source Healthwatch Berkshire: From 1st October, patients will be able to have access to GP appointments during the weekends and evenings.

Go Transylvania

25 September 2018

We have 100 hundred people joining us for Go Transylvania, have you signed up yet?

Link between smoking and MS clearer than ever

25 September 2018

Source MS Society: Our new evidence review shows the link between smoking and MS is clearer than ever.

Final results from the MS Risk Sharing Scheme (RSS) published

25 September 2018

Source MS Trust: The MS Trust has praised the pioneering work of the MS Risk Sharing Scheme (RSS) as the final results from the scheme are published in the BMJ today (September 24).

Fuelmii - get your car refuelled at a place that's convenient for you!

25 September 2018

Recommended by a couple of our members Fuelmii - get your car refuelled at a place that's convenient for you!

Tips to save money - Independent Living

25 September 2018

Source Independent Living: Here are some ideas about ways that you may be able to save money on essentials if you have a disability, are elderly, and receive certain benefits, and/or have a low income.

VAT Exemption on Disability Living Products

25 September 2018

Source Independent Living: For anybody who is about to purchase equipment to help them manage with a disability, don't forget about VAT exemption.

Here are the rules regarding VAT exemption for disabled people. Find out when you can buy mobility products and daily living aids without VAT, and how to go about it. And most importantly, don't forget that you need to get the VAT taken off BEFORE you buy, you can't claim it back afterwards...Find out...

Play our MS Tombola!

25 September 2018

From Wednesday 26th September, for one week only, play our MS Tombola. All prizes begin with the letter M or S and will be everything from Magnificent to Silly!

A further request from a first year PhD student at King's College London

12 September 2018

Your post helped us get so many helpful responses last time, and I was wondering if you would be able to help us post again for newly developed rating tasks- it is extremely similar to the last rating tasks, this time it is rating scenarios.