Blog: Jul 2018

Disabled driving tuition and assessments at the Queen Elizabeth Foundation

24 July 2018

If you are disabled, driving can seem a daunting prospect. The Queen Elizabeth Foundation are specialists in all aspects of driving for disabled people, with expert assessors and instructors backed by specialist technology.

Doctors think they have discovered the cause of multiple sclerosis

24 July 2018

Source Mail Online: Could vaccine for a common virus stop multiple sclerosis? Doctors think they have discovered the cause of disease.

Congratulations to Atlantic Discovery who rowed the Jurassic Coast

24 July 2018

Congratulations to Atlantic Discovery who rowed the Jurassic Coast this weekend preparing for their Oar-some Atlantic crossing this December.

The team are raising money for the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre and MS Society by taking on an epic challenge of rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in December this year!

Find out more about the team and their challenge here.

Disability Awareness Funday - Wednesday 8th August

18 July 2018

Source Reading Borough Council: The theme for the day will be cultural, wellbeing and leisure - lots of information and fun activities.

Do you or your partner have MS? Would you like to help design an app to help people with MS manage fatigue?

18 July 2018

The University of Sheffield has asked for volunteers to help with their research study. They asked a group of people with Multiple Sclerosis, and a group of healthcare professionals, about what they thought the contents and appearance of a fatigue management app should be. They would like to know how far you agree or disagree with the things they said.

BMSTC MS Specialist Nurse and OT Clinic changes to a Friday

18 July 2018

The MS Nurse and Occupational Therapy Clinic at BMSTC will be changing to the 4th Friday every month from the 27th July 2018. To book an appointment please can them directly on 0118 322 5369.