Accessible beaches and beach wheelchairs around the UK

30 August 2017

Source Disability Horizons:

The Bimblers describe themselves as the UK’s most unlikely travel bloggers. Rob, together with his partner Bridget, travel in a wheelchair, reviewing access as they go. Driven by the mantra ‘access for all’ Rob has joined us to share his thoughts, observations and ideas to make travel easier for people of all abilities. This month he rounds up the best accessible beaches in the UK and where to hire beach wheelchairs from. 

In the UK, sunny days are few and far between. So, when they happen, there’s usually a mass exodus to the beach. We are an island nation, we have an innate affinity with the sea and we are blessed with some fantastic seaside towns and beaches. But, have you ever tried visiting the beach in a wheelchair?  Read on. 


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