Covid measures at the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre

25 February 2022

You will probably have seen that the Government this week is changing Covid restrictions in England, including the use of testing and ending the legal requirement to isolate if you test positive.


We know there are very strong feelings, for and against this, amongst the general population and our members.


Since the pandemic's beginning, our trustees have been meeting monthly, continually reviewing the Covid protocols we have in place. We have restarted many of our treatments, although we have needed to adapt or suspend some activities to keep everyone as safe as possible.


The policy has been to prioritise treatments over the social areas. Many of the treatments we provide are not available anywhere else and as such this has taken precedence. We know the charity offers a lot more than therapies and this decision has been disappointing to some of our members. Equally, some are pleased about this because it makes them feel safe. It has been and continues to be a fine line we need to tread.


The health and safety of everyone who comes into Centre will always be our first concern but we appreciate that we need to plan to live with Covid long-term. 


At the moment, we are not making any changes to our Covid measures. We ask everyone attending continues to wear a mask and take a lateral flow test before they come. The trustees will continue to review this every month at their meeting.


As we are considering the next steps, we are asking for your opinion and would appreciate it if you could complete a quick, anonymous survey by clicking here.


We know the perfect solution that makes everyone happy does not exist. As an organisation, we have several factors we also need to consider when making these decisions but your opinions are of huge importance to us.


We are listening even if the outcome is not the one you wish for and as always, we want to thank you for your patience and understanding.

Complete our survey and share your views

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