APS - pain management

APS - pain management

Don’t worry if you have never heard of APS (Action Potential Simulation) as it is a relatively new treatment available to target pain. It is a safe, non-invasive treatment: four electrodes are placed at target areas as decided in your own personalised treatment plan devised by a physiotherapist.

For some of our members it has made a significant difference in their lives, for others there has been little or no benefit. This is typical for many MS treatments. Each treatment lasts for approximately 45 minutes.

To get the maximum benefit from the treatment it is advised that you do an eight week course with three weekly treatments. After this you may benefit from follow up treatments once or twice a week. Even if you cannot commit to this, you still may find some benefit from having it less regularly. Please speak to the physiotherapy team who can give you the best possible advice.

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APS may help with:

'MS is a life sentence but APS has given me my life back. I have better mobility, less fatigue and the hug has diminished. Am I completely cured of the MS symptoms? No but I have a quality of life I have not known for a number of years. I was dreading retirement, thanks to APS at the Centre I am not just embracing my retirement but actively looking forward to it, with active being the operative word!  I don’t have to use a stick to walk, how wonderful, liberating and normal, not huge I know, but feels so much more normal to carry a handbag than a stick!'



Days and Times: Various times throughout the week

How to sign up

Attended the Centre before? Simply call the Centre on 0118 901 6000 to speak to one of the physiotherapy team or email us at ms@bmstc.org.

If you are new to the Centre, please contact us and we will arrange an introduction for you.